Welcome to the home of the University of Illinois at Chicago Master of Engineering online degree program. The UIC College of Engineering offers a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree program which is completed entirely on the Internet (with the exception of exams, which must be done synchronously). The MEng is a professional degree based exclusively on course work, without a research component (no project or thesis) and without departmental affiliation. The program is administered directly by the UIC College of Engineering. This program is fully approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Please note that the MEng program differs from all other Master of Science programs in engineering. MEng programs are conducted solely on-line whereas Master of Science programs in engineering are conducted solely on campus.

In Illinois, in the United States, and in the rest of the world there exists a vast population of adults who already have a university education at the bachelor level and who would like to expand and update their knowledge by taking additional course work at the graduate level resulting, in many cases, in a master’s degree. Up to now, many of these potential students have been unable to realize their educational dreams because they reside in a geographical area remote from a research university campus, or because of work or family obligations that do not allow them to pursue their educational goals in a synchronous classroom environment, or because of disability.

The main objectives of the MEng online program may be summarized as follows:

  1. To provide graduate engineering education to students in remote areas of the state, the country and the world, and/or to students who can access instruction only asynchronously.
  2. To provide interdisciplinary technical upgrading to engineers in small and medium-sized industries.
  3. To provide graduate training that is controlled by the employer’s needs, and may respond to these changing needs in real time by creating new specializations with no delay.
  4. To provide specialized technical training to a (possibly geographically dispersed) group of students.

U.S. News & World Report names UIC’s Master of ​Engineering Online Program (MEng) 37th in the country