The College of Engineering offers a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree program based on course work only (no project or thesis required) and aimed at professionals who intend to augment or update their knowledge in engineering and applied science, and especially to students who have no easy access to an institution of higher learning because of geographical location, work or family committments, or physical impairment. The MEng consists of a generic interdisciplinary track based on thirty-six semester credit hours of instruction, and of specialized tracks consisting of between thirty-six and forty-three semester credit hours. Although courses delivered by traditional means, such as direct classroom teaching, television teaching, or videocassette instruction, are allowed, the primary instructional mode of the MEng program is via Internet-based courses.

The MEng program is administered by the Office of the Associate Dean in the UIC College of Engineering. Faculty members from all departments in the College may participate in the program. A Governing Committee composed of faculty representatives from all departments in the College is responsible for all academic matters, including admissions. The committee is appointed yearly by the Dean of the College of Engineering and is chaired by the Associate Dean.

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