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The MEng degree program consists of several specialized tracks and a generic track. Each student needs to complete thirty-six semester credit hours (for example, seven graduate engineering courses of four credit hours each plus the two required courses--see below) with a grade-point-average of at least B to receive the degree. The generic track consists of courses totaling thirty-six credit hours, which the student selects from among all courses available for the MEng degree according to his/her advisor who must approve the proposed course selection.

All students in the MEng program are required to complete 2 courses:

The students in the proposed program would be mainly students who have no easy access to a university campus because of geographical location, disability, work or family requirements, or students who have no access to education comparable to that offered in a specific track of the MEng program. However, individual courses could be utilized also by students enrolled in MS or PhD programs, at the discretion of the governing bodies of those programs.

While students in the program may access courses from any web connection, the examinations will be proctored at appropriate sites to ensure quality control. Examples of possible sites are: universities, community colleges, industries, consulates and embassies of the US, and in general any site where UIC has a reliable monitor. Some of these sites do not charge for the proctoring service. If there is a charge for this, the University pays for this fee whenever possible. In cases where the proctoring fee is charged at the time of the examination, the student will be responsible for this fee. Program staff will work with all students to select a convenient proctoring site acceptable to the program, and to ensure that students are aware of any proctoring charges for which they are responsible

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